During a home invasion, Clyde Shelton (Gerard Butler) witnesses his wife and young daughter's murder at the hands of Clarence Darby (Christian Stolte) and his accomplice Rupert Ames (Josh Stewart). Prosecutor Nick Rice (Jamie Foxx) claims that the case against Darby is weak, even with Clyde's testimony alone is insufficient to prove either suspect's guilt. A deal is made whereby Darby will give testimony sending Ames to death row in exchange for a lesser sentence. Since Darby was the actual killer, Clyde is left feeling betrayed by the justice system.

LAW ABIDING_CITIZEN_law-citizen.ru_20Ten years later, Rupert is executed via a botched lethal injection that leaves a slow, painful death. The authorities suspect that Darby is the culprit and converge on his home, but Darby escapes when he receives a mysterious phone call leading him to a warehouse. There he ends up incapacitated through a series of events, and the unknown caller reveals himself to be Clyde.
While Darby is paralyzed, Clyde slowly dismembers him. Finding Darby's mutilated corpse, Nick, his assistant Sarah Lowell (Leslie Bibb), Detectives Dunnigan (Colm Meaney), Garza (Michael Irby) and the authorities realize that Clyde was behind the killings and arrest him as the chief suspect. He confesses his guilt before offering a full confession in exchange for a new mattress in his cell, which Nick reluctantly agrees. Clyde represents himself at his hearing before Judge Laura Burch (Annie Corley) but is appalled when he is granted bail. snoop dogg kush He lashes out at her over his apparent guilt and is subsequently held in contempt of court.
Granted his mattress, Clyde gives his full confession and demands a meal, along with his iPod, by exactly 01:00pm the next day in exchange for revealing the location of Clarence's missing attorney (Richard Portnow). Clyde receives his meal at 1:08pm, and as a result the detectives arrive too late to save the attorney. Meanwhile, Clyde murders his cellmate with the bone from his meal's porterhouse steak and is sent to solitary confinement.
Sarah finds evidence connecting Clyde with the Department of Defense. Nick and District Attorney Jonas Cantrell (Bruce McGill) learn from a CIA contact (Michael Kelly) that Clyde was a technical genius who facilitated assassinations, and is a brilliant strategist specializing in eliminating targets through unconventional means. After Judge Burch is killed by an exploding cellphone, Clyde declares that unless he is cleared of all charges and released by the next morning at 06:00am, he will "kill everyone". When his demands are not met, five members of the staff and Sarah are killed. Meanwhile, the mayor (Viola Davis), alarmed at the deaths of the district attorney staff, assigns protection details to Nick and Jonas. Nick and Jonas later attend Sarah's funeral. While leaving the cemetery their convoy is ambushed by a weaponized bomb disposal robot, killing Jonas.
Nick attempts to resign but the mayor refuses to accept it, instead appointing him as Acting District Attorney. Nick receives information from Sarah's boyfriend Chester, leading to a garage owned by Clyde next to the prison, where he and Dunnigan discover a tunnel leading to the solitary confinement cells. Here are surveillance equipment, weapons, and disguises. Clyde's plans indicate he has gone to Philadelphia City Hall. Disguised as a janitor, he placed a bomb in order to kill the mayor during a security meeting with city officials. Nick rushes to city hall and finds the bomb, but the bomb disposal specialist is unable to disarm it, and they cannot evacuate the building for fear Clyde is watching.
Meanwhile, Clyde returns to his cell and finds Nick waiting for him. Nick cautions him against activating the bomb, but Clyde does so anyway. Nick seals the cell door and flees the building. Clyde suddenly realizes they have placed the bomb under his bed. In his final moments he sits staring at the bracelet given to him by his daughter. The bomb detonates, killing him.
The final scene is Nick and his wife (Regina Hall), finally able to watch their daughter at her recital.


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